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Things to Know about Quantity Theory of Money

Quantity Theory of Money

The purpose of this article is to make you known the different versions of quantity theory of money along with underlying assumptions and flaws. Italian economist Davanzatti developed the quantity theory of money, and American economist Irving Fisher popularized it after his influential book "The Purchasing Power of Money" in

Gross Domestic Product and GDP Growth Rate

This article intends to describe the meaning of GDP, measurement methods, and GDP growth rate in very simple term so that any starter of macroeconomics could understand it clearly. If you are new to macroeconomics and want to start macroeconomic career, then the first and foremost thing you should be

Say’s Law of Market

Say's law of market is a very famous classical theory of employment. It is said that Say's law of market and the quantity theory of money are the two building blocks of complete classical theory of income determination. Say's law of market explains the supply side of an economy while