This article demonstrates how to create defined list and paragraph style to form a running list for tables and figures in a document or a book file in InDesign.

What is Running List?

A running list is a sequential list that is interrupted by paragraphs. It can span multiple documents or stories. It helps create tables, figures, indices, and numbers automatically.

To create a running list one has to create the paragraph style and apply that style to paragraph which is intended to be a part of the defined list.

How to Create a Defined List?

A defined list is a sequential numbering interrupted by paragraphs or lists. It can span multiple documents or stories. Defined list is important for defining multi-level outlines, tracking paragraphs for numbering, creating running list for numbered tables and figures, and more.

To create a defined list, follow these steps:

  1. Goto Type>Bulleted & Numbered Lists>Defined Lists
  2. Select New in Define Lists dialog box
  3. Enter the name for defined list and choose the appropriate options available

A paragraph style can now use defined list to format tables, figures, and ordered lists in documents.

How to Create a Paragraph Style?

It refers to the style such as style for table, figure, heading, and ordered list. Follow these steps to create a running list:

  1. Create Text Frame with placeholder text (Type>Fill with Placeholder Text).
  2. Window > Styles > Choose Paragraph Styles.
  3. Choose New Paragraph Style under Paragraph Style panel menu.
  4. Give name and select Bullets and Numbering in the left panel.
  5. Choose the selection for List Type as Bullets or Numbers.
  6. In the List section, select Defined List or New List to define new defined list to apply the style to.
  7. Specify Bullet Character or Numbering Style.
  8. Choose Bullet or Number Position.
  9. Select other styles and click ok.

Now, it has been created, which you can use to format paragraphs, tables, figures, etc. on your documents. You may read more about it in the official user guides.

How to Use Paragraph Style?

To use it, you may take the following steps:

  1. Select the paragraph text you want to style.
  2. Go to Paragraph Styles panel (Window > Styles > Paragraph Styles)
  3. Choose the desired style from the list

You can use it for custom designing and formatting the documents. Its usage helps simplify the design of documents. In addition, you can also use it to create multi-level outlines in InDesign documents. I suggest you read how to create multi-level lists in InDesign to broaden your understanding of lists.



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