Concept and Types of Production Function

Total, Average & Marginal Product of Labor

If you are a beginner and have just started to study production theories of microeconomics, so then you are on the right place to start from. After studying this article, you will learn the concepts of production, production function, and the concepts of total, average and marginal product and their

Things to Know about Quantity Theory of Money

Quantity Theory of Money

The purpose of this article is to make you known the different versions of quantity theory of money along with underlying assumptions and flaws. Italian economist Davanzatti developed the quantity theory of money, and American economist Irving Fisher popularized it after his influential book "The Purchasing Power of Money" in

Different Types of Shares

This article aims to clear related but to some extent confusing, different types of shares. We hope our effort to make you understand what the different terms refer to, brings smile in your face. Let us present the following different types of shares: Authorized Shares These are the maximum number of shares specified

Calculation of NEPSE Index

This article tries to explain the process behind calculation of NEPSE index along with the concept of market capitalization and adjustment to base period in case of new listing. So, before delve into the calculation method, let us first understand the concept of market capitalization. Concept of Market Capitalization of a

Gross Domestic Product and GDP Growth Rate

This article intends to describe the meaning of GDP, measurement methods, and GDP growth rate in very simple term so that any starter of macroeconomics could understand it clearly. If you are new to macroeconomics and want to start macroeconomic career, then the first and foremost thing you should be

Ricardian Theory of Rent

This article resorts to explain in much clear manner the Ricardian theory of rent. Before starting this article, we recommend first be familiar with the concept of land rent and economic rent (Click Here to Read), which will make your learning journey more easy and smooth. Wish you all the

Efficient Market Hypothesis & Different Forms

Efficient Market Hypothesis & Different Forms

The efficient market hypothesis is a very important theory in finance. This article attempts to explain about efficient market hypothesis, its different forms along with the paradox and implications. What is Efficient Market Hypothesis? What are the different forms of efficient market hypothesis? Paradox of Efficient Market Hypothesis What are the Economic Implications of

What is Economic Rent?

Before explaining economic rent, it is better to explain the different uses of term rent in different time phases. I think it will be more helpful to fully understand the meaning of land as used in economic profession. So, let's first know what the term land refers to in economics. What

Say’s Law of Market

Say's law of market is a very famous classical theory of employment. It is said that Say's law of market and the quantity theory of money are the two building blocks of complete classical theory of income determination. Say's law of market explains the supply side of an economy while